Loan evaluation criteria – A knowhow

Once the personal loan application has been submitted , the procedure of the credit institution provides for an evaluation process of the proposal based on specific parameters: the acknowledgment of the subjective loan request by a bank depends synthetically on two elements, namely a correct ratio between the income and the installment to be paid, and a good level of creditworthiness emergency loans.


In loan agreements for a personal loan, the finance company can propose to the customer the signing of an insurance policy,  which may be mandatory, for example for loans with salary-backed loans for pensioners, or more often optional, to guarantee the total or partial repayment of the loan in the following cases: unemployment, invalidity or infirmity of the applicant, premature death . The cost of the policy is included in the total cost of the loan unless it is explicitly stated differently in the contract Bad credit emergency loans.

Memberships in insurance coverage

  • Consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the privacy law
  • The penalties provided for in the event of delays in repaying the installments.

Preliminary investigation costs

One of the most relevant items included in the APR are the so-called preliminary costs , that is all costs incurred by a credit institution or financial company for the acquisition of documents and information necessary for the evaluation of the loan request, including telephone expenses for secretarial services, stamps, chamber of commerce surveys and consultation of databases at the Risk Centers so that the applicant is not included in the list of protesters and bad payers.